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Default Re: Tokens/Prize Distribution Guide

Originally Posted by igotrhythm View Post
When they say a day, they mean all 24 hours of it. Judging from the latest gamewhore tournament that saw Foxfire and Dossar both break the 1.5 billion mark, you're probably looking at 10-12 hours just to get to 500 million.
If you're a decent player and are willing to focus your full attention on scoring, you can rack up 650,000,000 in around 6 hours if you sit down and play VS Boss Battle over and over again as long as you cut off just before the end of the song. During the Gamewhore competition, I kinda just decided on the fly that I wanted to get top 10 for that day -- I started at 5 AM, did it for like an hour, ran some errands with Kayla, kept going at like 1 PM, and then stopped again at like 2:30 PM to go to sleep, and ran from 6 PM to 11 PM. I called it quits after landing precisely on my desired goal of 650,000,000 (in fact, I was looking at my level ranks to find a song that would land me right on that number).

I took a stupid way, though -- the fact that I played VS Boss Battle over and over again and actually PA'd it every time was dumb; I had a 99.11% perfect ratio for 650,000,000 points, rofl
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