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Default Re: Moonlight_X VS SK8R43 - Race to 1500 AAA's Thread

Tricky file, yet fun. Booflag fix

lol not sure what i used to find hard about this file. Was on the end of my seat the whole time because lol IT WAS CHOPPY THE WHOLE TIME.....

Another booflag fix. lol got 2 BF's before this. That last 32nd roll is so out of place XD

WHAT....WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT., I have such bad mindblocks on this, i usually mash the intro without thinking(cant help it) got past it first try and im like this has to be the run. FUCKING FINALLY. Look at this rank jump tho?????!!!!

Pretty fun file, but what is that mini-jack green quad doing in here?? HAHA

Fuck me..

Ive no clue how to do transition rolls? I just pray and hope to get lucky, unfortun ately that didnt work out this time lol

What did i just play?

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