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Cool Re: Moonlight_X VS SK8R43 - Race to 1500 AAA's Thread

Nice work! Oh that's so close. I am sure you can AAA it if you get 2 boos? Then again my record on AIM Anthem is like 6 boos because those patterns are impossible to me.

TODAYS AAA'S 4/3/19:

TOKEN FILE. Had to play on mute just like the Standard version. Got blackflag with sound on haha. Can't believe they had to make a heavy version. Putrid. Glad it is short. Anyway more to come today hopefully!

First proper one for day.

Love a good straight read. Put them long bois off.


Blackflag fix.

Nice fun easy one

Damn son. Thank god for that. Fixed my booflag on this one. This took me many tries to do! Happy this BACK TO THE 60SSSS SS SSS SSS SSS ISSS over.

Also, I am now down to my final page to AAA in very challenging

Finally got past that dumb bit at the end that goes fast then slows down. Thank god.

Who doesn't love a booflag on the last note from looking away thinking the song was finished. Luckily this is an easy AAA

Another booflag fix.

I found this extremely hard. Timing was all over the show. Got lucky.

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