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Originally Posted by gold stinger View Post
A lot of the problem can be summed up as: html5 expects it to be self-containing, single player, offline. If this were the case for this flash game (which 99% of flash games do), it would've been converted to html5 years ago.

Unfortunately, this game is not single player, and has functioning multiplayer, and communicates with multiple databases with the website. It's going to take a lot more than just converting to html5 to fix the way the game works.
What about flash is more favorable for an online game that isn't present with html5 + javascript? javascript can pretty easily take care of communicating with a server. Of course rewriting the client from scratch to make use of html5 would be a ton of work, but there is absolutely nothing less capable about the approach.

Also worth mentioning that the html approach is relatively easily extended to a desktop environment too, via electron + CEF. This approach has its problem, but would probably be the simplest approach to a downloadable client.

(unless i misinterpreted what you were saying)

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