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Default Re: TWG 190: Written in Blood and Betrayal - Game Thread

Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
Charu, you won't gonna school me on the gospel of Kappa and Raeko?

Love that input before time for the final vote
Kappa's post feel to come from an organic mind, my friend.

They've been constantly asking and accusing players. They're not being stubborn about it either beyond not liking me initially.

They also, very recently, showed signs of self pity, an emotion read to be certain, but they're still "new" to forum TWG thus means I'm pretty okay with believing it's a sign of a player actually doubting their stances and not faking it.


As for Mellon, simple. Her posts from the first round is evidence she was aware of Mr. Riot's meta. What did she decide to do? Defend them knowing that it'll be perceived as a negative point.

Why on earth would a wolf do that? I know she's got experience with Riot. And with Riot's flip, that just makes me believe this is exactly what happened beyond her not liking FFA. Why would a wolf try to save someone that was going under super fast?

Originally Posted by JohnRedWolf87 View Post
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You could even say it glows

All of the other Snivies
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Charu
Join in any Snivy games

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Originally Posted by Vendetta21 View Post
All in all I would say that Charu not only won this game, his play made me reconsider how I play it.
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