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Default Re: TWG 190: Written in Blood and Betrayal - Game Thread

Don't do that "I'm bad" gig. You can lament all you want in post game

If you're town you solve.

Everyone needs to make a stand and state 2 lynches they are ok with and why, and one person they absolutely won't vote for.

I think I'm ok with lynching Raeko because of DBP vote logic, and not bringing much past interactions with FFA, and Charu because of how he handled the Riot pressure being suss, as well as just not contributing as much as I know his town self to do.

Kappa and FFA's push on Wayward both smell (FFA trying to build worlds with him, Kappa going 180) and it makes me not want to vote Wayward. I could vote either FFA or Kappa here as well, but gut says the first 2 are better bets.

I am not willing to vote ShadowGod

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