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Default Re: TWG 190: Written in Blood and Betrayal - Game Thread

Originally Posted by 123kappa3 View Post
For a couple of reasons first wayward said they would post and had a reason for not posting yet. (now if they dont post I have an issue, One of the reasons im not voting svaz)
Where did he said he had a reason to not post? I remember an apology and calling FFA rude.

Originally Posted by 123kappa3 View Post
2nd d0 getting rid of a nobody literly does nothing. You take a shot in the dark and maybe you get a wolf maybe you dont its a gamble and regardless you in the same spot the next day nothing changes. You cant get any info.
....sigh, this is false for a few reasons
You're offloading dead slots that will always always always be an issue for town. They are either town that will be giant ??? as long as you keep them alive (The further in the game, the worst) or they are wolf going UTR

In my experience, it's legit 50/50 is tends to pan out better then town trying to find a wolf d0 any other way

The longer an inactive is around, you can bet more and more of the conversation goes to them as time goes on and it makes it easier for wolves to engage longer. Think about it, by d3 if you kept them around a wolf can literally just spourt about inactives all day, especially if they have a lick of sense and have been killing off town who post, something everyone forgets is going to happen when they defend inactive slots

The sooner they are gone the better. Lynch the first, rejoice when it's a wolf (happens more then Storn pretends it does) and hopefully inactive wolves will see they can't pull that shit and start engaging. Remember, the more wolves engage the easier we can spot them.

Originally Posted by 123kappa3 View Post
Remeber wayward is a sub.
This has nothing to do with anything.

Originally Posted by 123kappa3 View Post

I understand your point of of view and I can see how this makes me look flaky but, everyone is so split right now that maybe if we cant get a good idea on a vote we vote wayward.
If everyone is so split, I would expect you to try and contrast the candidates and ask for second/third picks from everyone to see if a censuses could be reach easier.

Instead you are saying "well if we dont agree lets just lynch the guy with 2 posts" which yes, absolutely makes you look flakey af

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