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Default Re: TWG 190: Written in Blood and Betrayal - Game Thread

Originally Posted by 123kappa3 View Post
A brief look over storns iso and well first few posts are just meme, then he has some good thoughts and I think why I like him so much is because of how he views d0 votes. which is the same way I view them.

He has some sketchy posts that make him look bad, but all in all he plays in a similar way I play. I think hes town. Even tho hes got some weird posts I think it could be not thinking 100% through it and trying to get conversation.

I could be a little biased because I feel like he plays similar to me.
Originally Posted by 123kappa3 View Post
Storn said hes an easy lynch. Thats bad.

Storn also seems to go with his gut with the first reads he was doing in the beginning (both good and bad)

The wolf hot spot idea. makes sense but, not at at that point if that makes sense.

To me a lot of things that makes him look bad I think could be just not thinking things through
To me the first ultimately leans him a little town, while the follow up leans him a little scum. At best, it seems you're on the fence and could tip either way and you'll have to forgive me for not liking that.

Originally Posted by 123kappa3 View Post
No but, I think wayward being non existent dosnt help town.

Heres the deall we arnt going to know if they are a wolf or town if they dont post but, they can still help wolves without helping town if they are a wolf. They cant help town if they arent here.
Why is this true d2 but not d0?
Yes I've heard the "chance to play" argument before we all signed up we also did a rollcall I think for this so I don't wanna hear that tired excuse

Point blank Kappa

Why is this true d2 and not d0?

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