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Default Re: TWG 190: Written in Blood and Betrayal - Game Thread

mml - Town

Mellon collie - slight town

FFA - Slight wolf

Charu - slight wolf

DBP - town


SVAZ - null - slightest of town

Storn - Tbh I havnt looked at him yet (I will do at some point today) - Slight town

Shadow - slight wolf

Funny - slight town because d0 I thought they were super wolf but, they are trying a lot more now.

Something to note. I dont actually have very strong reads in any direction exept for MML being town. DBP is labled as town but only because not posting as much.

MML is playing how they played in the game i subbed or it feels like they are. Allthough being a little bit less informative it looks like thats based on irl.

between MML, funny atleast 1 is town, probably both but atleast one is. I dont see in any way as them both being wolf with how the interact with each other.

Between FFA and Mellon I think 1 is a wolf. Not 100% but pretty sure. (a lower percent for them both being wolf but its pretty low imo).

Charu's game is all over the place. I think with the attack to his roleplay he is trying a lot harder to appear understandable which looks kind of wolf.

Not know how shadow has played before I would think they were town but, playing in a few games with them. They look like a wolf who has learned their lesson with saying things without thinking.

I need to look at storn at some point so for right now ill keep my beginning opinion that they are town because they have shown progression of how they think and where their mind is at.
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