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Default Re: TWG 190: Written in Blood and Betrayal - Game Thread

I've been thinking passively about the Raeko v FFA thing and frankly I think FFA made the most sense out of that exchange, except that he claimed that he at the end he was looking for other lynch alternatives and offered Raeko, even requotedhim saying DADV.

This happened, but to try to use it to make yourself look good because of a mislynch is weird because in the end you didn't unvote . I judge much more off of actions then retelling of what you where thinking at the time.

Anyway Raeko and FFA never wolves together. FFA might could of faked that but I don't see Raeko giving some of those answers to a scumbud. I think with the DBP vote and some of Raeko'sreasoning in regards to Riot's realist quality I would probably chose her as the wolf if Word of God told me there was one between them. The "I didn't want to vote Riot" and the wayward vote (see below) are the two things that make me not want to throw FFA in the general town pile, however.

Originally Posted by 123kappa3 View Post
ugh. MML doesnt really give what I want to give. He defends shadow and goes after charu.

Im guess he will give more info later so im going to wait but, I want a lot more from you MML.
Check pregame where I said it was going to be light offerings from me this time. I legit just signed up so we could have a game before the holidays but frankly there's too many other commitments right now for 100%.

I am at work tonight, which ironically means I can keep a closer eye on the game. Ask me specific questions and I'll give you specific answer, probably ISO a few of you later even. Past that, you're only getting the amount of Lar that Lar has to give.

Originally Posted by storn42 View Post
btw, can i just point out that 3 of the 4 people that helped lynch a VT are your top3 town. kinda weird to be seemingly praising people for that.
This is a good post from Storn

Originally Posted by flashflash account View Post
if we're so bold to assume that my town reads are 100% correct
that's the team it leads to anyway

I think other teams still have wayward on it, like maybe FG/wayward/someone I'd have to check FG's reads
Originally Posted by flashflash account View Post
wayward vagabond
The Wayward pressure is awesome but it looks like you're legit trying to make a case on why an inactive is a wolf when neither him nor the person he replaced posted so like, what the fuck?

That vote is gross and I hope you feel ashamed for it.

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