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Default Re: jTWG LXXXIV: 8 New Players and Raeko Game Thread

nobody asked for a reads list from me but here it is anyway

based off a reread of d0, some of d1 and a vague recollection of the rest of d1

4) gold stinger
wolves don't bus each other d0
lock town

5) MarioNintendo
wolf probably doesn't bus partner d0 12 hours before EoD and also really doesn't make such great posts d1
lock town

3) Antori
Shadowgod voting, then backing off seems pretty bad
And honestly his posting habits (literally skimming my long posts, not putting any meaningful effort into his own posts) are just a bad look to me
wolf lean

7) Raeko
Shadowgod leaving out the "null/town/wolf" part of his read on her is actually getting more suspicious to me
her being present at EoD0 but not contributing feels like a red flag?
She's finally posting in this phase and I like the content of her posts, but still
MN's big post does raise some good points about her
weak wolf lean

8) Cocoa
Shadowgod had her as "very town" in his fake reads list
Goldstinger wants to townread her because of her dumbtells
I'm honestly really confused about how to read her at this point, I've seen the GS post where he townreads her more times than I can count and that's really what's stuck in my head moreso than her actual posts
null, I wanna do an iso

9) ShyYoshiGuy
Complementing my read on Antori, shadowgod voting off of Antori to then go onto yoshi kinda clears yoshi for me for the time being (thanks for getting this through my thick skull, GS!)
town lean
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your name should be wolf
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I wish I could vote you a 2nd time.
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