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Default Re: jTWG LXXXIV: 8 New Players and Raeko Game Thread

Originally Posted by sanzath View Post
I don't get this, specifically the bolded part.

- you never stated in any of your previous posts that you were reading anyone based on the fact that they had voted (or not) on shadowgod. (this is why it's important to actually post what you're thinking, not just think it!)
- even if you did, "random lucky votes" are never random when they come from the wolf. A wolf doesn't "randomly" land their vote on their wolf partner. If they do, it's because they're throwing their partner under the bus (usually referred to as "bussing"), which is pretty much against their own win condition, if they do it so early in the game.
Oof, you right. Ok fine, Iím not sure what I believe anymore.
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