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Default Re: jTWG LXXXIV: 8 New Players and Raeko Game Thread

Originally Posted by dragonmegaXX View Post
So Iím gonna day now I started a new position at a new store for my company today, and I didnít want to use my phone period the whole first day. I just got home and Iím actually on my weekend now, so Iíll read everything thatís happened the last 14 hours in a little bit. Sorry Iíve been inactive.
You currently have 2 votes on you.

Do you think either one is a wolf? Why?

Or do you think the wolf is between me & raeko? Why?

Or are you somehow thinking it's MN or GS? Why?
Originally Posted by xXOpkillerXx View Post
your name should be wolf
Originally Posted by Hakulyte View Post
I wish I could vote you a 2nd time.
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