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Default Re: TWG CLXXX - OuO what's this? [Game Thread]

like lemme just write up a fuller explainer maybe of why i'm saying what i'm saying

i'm town. fg and blind will be able to substitute my name for their own throughout this post, because either they are both town and that's how they should be viewing the game state too, or they are both scum and that's how they can pretend the same

cel is always town here. either he is cleared from a real-claiming tps hiding behind him, or tps is exactly the wolf, the setup is RRTTTTT and there's no SK for him to possibly be

tps is """clear""" by claim, and his claim has created a POE that means believing it requires me to believe that blind and fg are exactly the scum. we could lynch tps today, but i would be equally happy with a lynch into either of blind or fg, because that either removes one of the hypothetical scum factions from the game, or they flip town, send the game to f3, and both i and whoever we didn't lynch know something's fishy and lynch tps there

like, say we lynch fg today and she flips town - tomorrow blind and i always lynch tps, no exception, because the game state makes no sense with any other scum. say we lynch fg today and she flips wolf - fmpov blind is always the SK and the game goes to final 3 and he and i thunderdome, with either cel or tps having the hammer

i guess i get your worry about the last scenario there, having to actually play the final 3 in the multiball world, but i find myself believing less and less that that's the world we're in anyway
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