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Default Re: TWG CLXXX - OuO what's this? [Game Thread]

Town Leans:

Cel, Freezn, inDHeart, Funnygurl


Sunfan, Prec

Scum lean:

Blindreper, Xiz

I've had a town lean on sunfan all game so I'm honestly a little surprised to see that he isn't seeing the forest through the trees here.

Precarious worries me a little bit for his reaction, I agree with inDHeart that his delayed claim (yeah I know pot calling kettle black) was weird, and his back and forth with Blindreper seemed really forced after a while. I really get the feeling that Xiz is capable of coaching Blind up on that and was happy to take advantage of freezn bringing that fight back up yesterday, and that I'm relatively confident that there is 1 wolf out of Blind/Xiz/Prec.
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