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Default BEER [85 or 87]

It's hard to compare stats since this is a skill token but thus song has 17 AAAs and 143 FCs for 419 players, all of whom were good enough to unlock the moderate level skill token.

To compare to another skill token, The Bird's Concrete Nosedive has 20 AAAs and 147 FCs for only 210 players, although the skill token has about half the unlocks.

Cold Heart is an 82 and has 22 AAAs with 281 players and about 3 years less release time but this is partially negated by virtue of being a tourney song.

Casino fire Kotomi-chan has 31 AAAs for 343 players, is an 82 and has been out for about 2 years less.

Away from stats, this song is loaded with polyrhythms made up of long 12th Jacks for both hands and often times one-handed 24th triplets, split 16th jumptrills, handjack transitions and 48th bursts. All of this is at 158 BPM.

Does anyone really think this belongs at 78?
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