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Default Re: TWGTurbo 32: The TWG Train Rolls All Night Long GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by star-crossed View Post
Ha ha.

But seriously, I think saying your read is based on if he shows up or not is questionable. It seems better to keep to yourself unless your actual motivation is to present pretty analysis and be fake helpful. Particularly since he claims whether he shows up is based on whether he is awake or not, which could have nothing to do with his role??
The final post he made before he left implied he might not be back, so he knew that the vote he had on xel was going to make it to the end. Me saying he's TWTBAW implies I'm townreading him, and my read would probably change if he showed up and started posting. It would obviously depend on what he reenters with, but I gave my read on him at the present moment and said it would be null if he started posting again.
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