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Default Re: A list of all Major Simfile Packs for StepMania v2

Originally Posted by Astraia View Post full songs?

my 7mai's packs download from

idk its full or not...
I can't do anything with pages in a language I can't read, although it looks like individual songs from the pack available for download.

I already spent my time renaming and fixing EVERYTHING from the packs, but it turns out that the files themselves are also corrupt (hooray). SM 3.9, SM 5, and DDReam studio all act as if the majority of the files are blank, meaning that I can't play them anyway. Not sure how this is possible considering I see valid SM information in all of them, but I tried numerous methods, applications, and SM versions which all failed in reading them.

In essence, I'm NOT going to upload 7mai packs until someone can figure out how all of these files are corrupted and register as blank in SM song editors. If someone can somehow fix that (and have it be universal for all downloaders), then I will upload it. Treating this pack as if it doesn't exist otherwise (although I might upload 7mai1 because only 3 or so files are corrupt on that one).
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