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Default Re: Holiday Special Batch Set 2

Originally Posted by TC_Halogen View Post
Fake Santa {S.S.H} (Psychotik)
- 1:37.893: the guitar note that plays when this [LD] is hit is a different note from the previous one, so breaking these off will look better visually
Was this the wrong timestamp? There weren't any notes at that time in the chart. though I did see something near that time that applied, so I did end up fixing it.

I fixed pretty much everything from your notes. The chart should be a lot more pitch relevant now (fixed what you mentioned but I also combed through the rest of the chart and fixed some other sections). The copy/paste sections were changed up for some variations without disturbing the PR much. I got rid of all the minijacks except the very last one because I still think it fits (I hope you agree). I also reworked the beginning and adjusted the sync.

Uploaded the fixes.
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