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Default Re: Holiday Special Batch Set 2

Originally Posted by Psychotik View Post
Is there one or two specific points you'd like to point out? I really curious which points felt the most egregiously incorrect. I'll get around to checking all the notes and sending fixes on Wednesday.

Disregarding the intro, here's some detailed and reasonably glaring instances:

- 38.052/38.330: these two jumps can be flipped
- 46.849: this note here actually ascends to a note that's higher than the U at 46.571, so something like R-U would be better for continuity/accuracy
- 55.182: the note before this 12th is the same pitch (same as 55.738 and the note before it)
- 57.497/57.960: same column, but different notes (in fact, something that can be done starting from 57.219 with your rhythms being preserved is L-D|U-L|D-R| [12ths] because notes 1/4, and 2/5 are the same pair of notes, but 3/6 are accented and separated)
- 1:37.893: the guitar note that plays when this [LD] is hit is a different note from the previous one, so breaking these off will look better visually
- 1:53.608: same jump flip as 38.052/38.330
- 1:57.682: the note that falls on this [R] is different than the previous one (also, with some reworking, you can better capture the pitches on the following quarter notes starting at 1:58.330).
- 2:04.719: this note's different than the previous note you caught with the repeating [R]

There are others you might be able to improve, but these were some of the more glaring instances that I picked up at 100% speed.

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