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Default Re: Holiday Special Batch Set 2

Originally Posted by TC_Halogen View Post
South for Winter {The Flashbulb} (Ghost_Medley)
Rating: 7.5/10 [+.]

- the motif of anchoring to a note on the 16ths could definitely be flipped around a bit more than you had been doing, particularly earlier on (changed off of R at 5.771, then back on again, etc)
- omission at 1:00.642 feels a bit strange
- not a fan of the structure at 1:11.515 that features added jumps, which seems to come as a result of the lower piano actually striking subtle chords - the issue with this is that the volume of those lower chords arbitrarily increases/decreases, but there’s no real way to arbitrarily accommodate for that in your structure: you’re either bumping up the layering, or you’re not.
- with that being said, chart is acceptable as it is.
Made changes as suggested, as well as doing a tiny things with patterning in the file.

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