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Default TWG 200 Signups Thread B


I beg of you to only sign up if you are completely sure that you can play through the game fully. Replacements in this game will be very awkward.

You may only be signed up in ONE of the games at one time, but all of them will run at the same time. The games are not linked in any way, and what happens in game A has no relevance to any other game.

You will be given a survey after signups have filled; please fill it out with honest answers.

This signups thread is for people who prefer newer-style TWG games with in-thread only communication and slightly more complex setups. At least one rule in this post is at least partially a lie

OOTC: Always Off*
Nightchat: Always Off*
Wolfchat: 24/7*
Cardflips: Color only**
KitB: On
No lynch/no kill: On, cannot be done on sequential day/night phases.

Under certain conditions, we may venture into bastard territory, but I would encourage you not to be dissuaded from signing up even if you dislike bastard games.

Phases may be moved slightly depending on preference, but expect them to mostly revolve around 11:00 PM Server (Central) Time.

1) XelNya
2) Funnygurl555
3) choof
4) FreezinIce
5) Wayward Vagabond
6) 123kappa3
(There can be more or less than 13 players, this is just a starting point)
TWG Stats:

FFR is a pretty good place somehow.

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