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Default Re: VISA/Mastercard blocks payment to Horowitz Center because of SPLC

it is difficult to compress the scope of how wrong both of you are into words that properly convey how false each and every thing you said was. it is mentally taxing to walk on the eggshells created by this rule system to convey the gravity of other people believing the non-thoughts both of you just typed, while also skirting the asinine rules that prevent me from "insulting" you because telling a person they are wrong on every axis of evaluation and every scope to which a thought can be conceived is "insulting", even though this is precisely how wrong you both are.

it's unbelievable that both of you even halfway buy what you're saying, and you've clearly not thought about it at all, as you both are parroting pseudo-libertarian mockery you undoubtedly repeat ad nauseam for any speech policy issue so that you don't have to think about the ramifications, or the policy, or what the words even mean.

it is illegal for credit card companies to discriminate in this way. this is why, up to this point, they have not.

what is most likely happening here is that the SPLC bombarded VISA with fraudulent transactions to flag the horowitz center.

either way, this is what you did
person: wow, this company is blowing up the moon
you: lol a private company can blow up the solar system if they want
how you post here with anything resembling an unguilty conscience is beyond me.

what both of you are thoughtlessly advocating is something that is already illegal, and far worse than what is actually going on, even though what is actually going on is one of the most concerning events to happen all year. it is not common, at all, for a credit card company to block people for speech. this is concerning period. you are wrong, whether or not you think so, for not making this a concern of yours. you are against the "right side of history" -- you cannot be on the right side of history if you are on the wrong side of reality. it doesn't matter what you feel. your feelings don't matter. you're wrong. you are not right. you are the opposite of correct. you are backward. you could have never existed and your opinions could have been adopted by an AI machine and run forever as the passing of time is extended indefinitely by simulation and they'd be wrong until the heat death of the universe, and even after that.

and here you are, typing happy-go-lucky shit with the bambi-esque tone of "this could never be redefined to work against me because I have all the right ideas!" as if you don't understand the concept of precedent, or principle, and you cannot think at all how any sort of thing like this could be abused due to whatever limits on imagination exist for you or your political sensibility.
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