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Default Re: TWGTurbo 32: The TWG Train Rolls All Night Long GAME THREAD

For choof to be a wolf, he has to have been deciding to bus from the get-go. choof is feeling spicy enough to make Xel a wagon again, and then there would be a very complex and nuanced interaction where choof is faking a read shift and there's some anger and frustration on both sides. This seems unlikely to me.

For roundbox to be a wolf, he gave up his agency in deciding who would die by being relatively single-minded about pressuring sun fan, even though nobody really gave indication they were willing to follow. He was very active at the day end and thus had an opportunity to sway things somewhere else if he wanted. His last post is definitely not pro-wolf: he allows Xel to stay in the majority while not even getting any credit for making Xel die.

Subaru wasn't there, and it is interesting because Xel had another option to self-pres onto Subaru. Xel had more limited time than others to actually assess things. If Subaru is town, then it makes little difference to Xel who to self-pres on, and for all I know he went on me for style points because I literally never get hanged. Lol. (Or more likely, because more people were talking about me at the time?)

I don't think that raeko voting me was inconsistent at all with her posting. I guess I just see the outcome of it as being more pro-wolf than others, and also it might make more sense for Xel to vote for me if they are both wolves. It is kind of the same deal as when I tried to put pressure on her yesterday: process of elimination leads me to want to look at her, in that she is not really doing anything wrong, but she is making a limited impact and so it may be easier to fake what she is doing.

For Freezin to be a wolf, he went for a refuge in audacity TWTBAW play by going afk and leaving a spite vote...on his wolf partner. He could not have known that this vote would turn out to be so pivotal, but he should known the risk that it would be, especially because Xel is pretty easy to get hanged a lot of the time. So, it is very interesting. It has been fun to see him be analytical today.

sun fan, I should write something more analytical about but my brain just keeps going "F U."

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