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Default Re: Recommend me some 2020 albums halp

Originally Posted by rayword45 View Post
Day 774: Palimpsest by Lauren Bousfield

So this is Nero's Day At Disneyland apparently, and it mostly still sounds like that project! But there's now vocals, and a sort of pop vibe to a lot of these songs, except that pop vibe is kinda fucked over by the sheer abrasiveness of the glitchiness and drums go fast.

Part of me thinks this needs multiple more listens. Part of me thinks "eh, one more is probably all it takes to get it". I found myself absolutely loving some tracks, and found the rest to just be kinda annoying. Interestingly enough, being long or short has no dictation on how much I like a song on this album! Is that unusual for me? I don't know, so how the fuck would any of you know? I've been doing this shit for 7 YEARS NOW? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Best Track: Birds Falling Out Of The Sky or Futurelessness
Rating: 6/10
oh yeah I finally got around to checking this out
if it was instrumental it'd be an 8/10
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