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Default Re: Recommend me some 2019 albums halp

Day 792: Good News by Megan Thee Stallion

Originally Posted by rayword45 View Post
Day 697: Fever by Megan Thee Stallion

I mean it's a lot of fun, but the whole sexual atmosphere can get a little overbearing at times when it's the same fuckin topic every song.

No pun was intended there.

Best Track: Simon Says
Rating: 7/10
I have literally the exact same opinion on this album as that "mixtape". How the fuck is this a debut album and that's a mixtape? Is it because it's like 9 minutes longer? Because that's fucking stupid.

Actually, I wanna amend what I just said, I didn't find the sexual atmosphere overbearing for the most part at all, except maybe like one or two songs. Otherwise, it's totally fine! What does it mean when it doesn't bother me here that much but it just weirds me out when it's Ariana Grande being horny? Nickelodeon effect?

Best Track: Go Crazy
Rating: 7/10
The above post has a 50% chance of being useless. Potentially. Maybe.

BEST AAAs: WANDERLUST, Pandora, Necropotence, Mourning The Lost, Eradication, Feldschlacht

Hey, we need some users on this site. Please join.

And if you have not recommended any albums yet, do so. Please. I have a goal to reach. Here.
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