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Default Re: Recommend me some 2020 albums halp

Day 791: アダンの風 (Adan no kaze) by 青葉市子 [Ichiko Aoba]

Hey look I put Japanese characters in the title section! Yay copy-paste! I'm reviewing this because as of right now it's the number one album on RateYourMusic for the year and I'm PRETTY damn sure that it wasn't ranked anywhere near there a few days ago.

...Oh wait, this only came out a week ago. I mean, I guess that explains that. Still, is this really gonna remain on top of The Microphones? I'm doubtful, and that's before I listen to this, I'm saying that because lol internet music virgins.

Well anyways, now I've listened to this and... I like it? But I don't love it. This is a mix of brief ambient interludes and floral, almost mystical-sounding folk songs that remind me of that one release that ninjaKIWI recommended to me what must be over 5 years ago at this point. I haven't listened to that one in... what must be over 5 years... but anyways the flashbacks must mean something? God I'm using so many ellipses in this post it's infuriating.

This is really pretty stuff, and I can definitely see the appeal this holds over music nerds, but I'm just not seeing this as MY personal favorite, and I am certainly not against folksy stuff as I have made pretty clear since like 2013. I actually prefer the ambient bits over the heavily orchestrated vocal songs, but either way nothing really sticks out good or bad, why is that a problem I have with seemingly EVERY ALBUM?! Is it an ADHD thing? Whatever, I know that no matter how many times I listen to this before January, I'm not gonna fall in love with it enough to agree with this being the best album of the year or even in the top 10.

But don't let that discourage you! I've come to the realization that ratings are fucking meaningless considering I usually just pull a number out of my ass, but I'm gonna rate this high enough that it might encourage you to listen to it, because maybe you'll love it! I really do see the appeal of this album, and I think that it's a wonderful effort with a lot of love put into it, so just because I'm kinda like "eh... good enough" it doesn't meaFUCK ANOTHER ELLIPSIS GODDAMNIT.

So anyways, just because I think this album is just good enough, doesn't mean you're gonna feel the same way! Please, PLEASE listen to this and tell me what you think in a reply, I'd like to see how people differ in opinion with me.

Best Track: Parfum d'étoiles
Rating: 7/10
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