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Default Re: 2019 September/October Set 6

We have some notes! James got back to me last night.

Judge's note: Any section of the file marked with * means CQ flag. Any sections marked with + means that I like it so good job. Any section with a ? means that I need clarification on a section. All times will be using the timestamps in Arrow Vortex so let's say I mention something for 2:06.865, it'll be 126.865 on DDReam Studio's timestamps.

Judge's note 2: I do want to apologize for taking so long in my notes. I take full blame in not getting them done on time. I had life happen to me where I was moving and work draining me where I just felt burnt out in doing anything whatsoever except for working on my own charts for Stepmania/Etterna. Again, I take full responsibility in this action and apologies to everyone that took so long in waiting.

Accepted: 4
CQ: 5
Rejected: 4
Pass: 2

#be_fortunate (Extended) - goldstinger
Rating: [PASS]
Sync: it good~
Other notes: I hate this song. I hate this song. I hate this song. I hate this song. I hate this song. I hate this song. I hate this song. I hate this song.

I'm passing this because I hate this song so much that it might hinder on how I review it. Last thing I want happening is if the file is perfectly passable and good to go on FFR to be rejected on the sole principle on me disliking the song.

Run UI Run (Gionis Remix) - TD_s3b0u
Rating: 1/10
Sync: -00.176 is the correct offset
Other notes: Next time, please only attach the .mp3 and the .sm files as the converter doesn't support .ogg yet nor the gfx is needed c:

Before I really get started on this, I went through the first minute of the file and there are inconsistent layering, plus the ghost notes in this file are unfathomable. From the two seemingly random 64ths burst on 53.776 and 54.201, to just how sporadic your layering usage is. And let's say that you're layering to the vocals, there's no consistent manner in how you chart the vocals. Before I even start to actually do a deep dive on the file itself, this file needs a drastic overhaul before it's ready for FFR. Although, the section after the drop, with the guitar chords, that's a good touch. That I will say much and it is an interesting touch on it. But, please rework this file and I'll even consider looking at it again in the future once you work on this file again c:

1972 - Jayden1234
Rating: 5/10
Sync: it good~
Other notes: Spoopy song

8.582 - That minijack from the 32nd roll to that jump is p memey yo
12.787, 13.014 - missing 16ths
17.673 - same as 8.582
*40.855 - That jack is definitely incorrectly PR'd, should all be on the 1 column
42.900 - This is going to the same sound as the previous longjack grouping
*43.128 to 44.491 - I can see where you're trying to go with this, but if you want to PR it right, it has to be: 1212424242424341
*44.491 - Which leads me to this set of jacks, it's all going to one sound, which is on the 1 column
46.537 - Missing 8th
47.673 - This is a jump boi
53.582 - Missing 4th
*56.764 to 58.128 - Okay, if you're gonna nerf this, at least have the half-snap correct. Since this section is all 64ths, 32nds would still be ideal to express the emphasis on this part without it going to meme territory.
59.832, 1:00.173, 1:00.514, 1:00.855 to 1:01.310 - These jumps aren't needed to be honest, except for the 8th on 1:01.082. Also, you can make a 32nd miniburst on 1:01.196.
1:04.889 - Missing 32nd
1:04.946 to 1:05.864 - Missing 16ths here
1:06.310 to 1:06.537 - These are actually 32nds
*1:06.310 to 1:06.764 - On top of that, this isn't a OHT. It's moreso a roll.
1:08.696 to 1:09.037 - Missing 16th to start the burst emphasis, the 24th on 1:08.961 is actually a 16th as well. Plus, this is a 32nd mini-burst. Also, the 4th on 1:09.037 is a jump
+1:09.955 to 1:10.183 - Nice color theory
1:10.296 - missing 192nd here tho
1:10.400 to 1:12.219 - same as I mentioned on 59.832, 1:00.173, 1:00.514, 1:00.855 to 1:01.310
1:12.219 to 1:15.855 - This section feels p empty yo. There's things going on there that it sorta off kilters the difficulty consistency.
1:17.332 - Missing 16th
1:17.673 - This is a jump
1:20.855 to 1:21.310 - This shouldn't be a split jump trill. The only sound that warrants the jump is the 8th in this grouping. Missing the 32nd on 1:21.253
*1:21.764 to 1:22.900 - Inconsistency noting. The previous two sections (the ones starting at 59.832 & 1:10.00) where you have a bit of a gallop rhythm going here. That's also the same in here.
*1:32.219 - uuuuuuuh I don't hear this as a 32nd oht? This is just straight up a 16th jack on the 3 column.
*1:50.400 to 1:50.779 - ????? I am confusion, this makes remotely ZERO sense in terms of layering.
Stopping here. There are a lot of neat concepts in here. But too much concepts in terms of layering and difficulty moderation sort of shattered the file. There needs to be a lot of polishing up to do in this file. Mainly PR errors and missing/ghost notes. But! The foundation is there and you can at least polish up the first half or so of the file. Keep working on it c:

Ascellity - goldstinger
Rating: 8*/10
Sync: it good~
Other Notes: The totally not a LeaF song nor a BMS song

*?3.906 to 23.799 - Only putting this here because I am curious about the jump layering. At first I hear them going to the piano chord but then you switch them to the kicks and then they're just there? (ex: 10.323 sounds like the jump doesn't go to anything, which meant that you might've meant to put that on the 4th on 10.002?) Again, just needing clarification on this intro. If it's something that needed to be fixed, I do encourage the jump placements to be fixed to the sounds you were meant to layer them
23.157 to 23.799 - Those 12ths sound like they're meant to be jumpgluts? (considering that you have them layered as jumpgluts on the section from 35.991 to 36.526)
30.537 to 30.858 - With the exception of 30.537, these are single tap notes
38.879 to 39.200, 41.146 to 49.467 - Missing 16ths in this section where you had them emphasized on 41.927 to 42.408
51.793 - Missing 16th
Aside from that intro section needing a bit of clarification in terms of the jump layering, this file is good~ As I said, I'm not 100% sure on that jump layering in the intro so just clarify it with me on that and if it was some sort of layering error that happened unintentionally, then just fix it up c:

Beep Beep I'm a Sheep (Tombstone Remix) - goldstinger
Rating: 7.5*/10
Sync: Sync is good~

6.904, 10.793, 11.269, 14.523 - Questionable jump placement
+20.237 to 24.543 - Nice colour theory~
33.650, 34.126 - Jump
?40.317, 58.412, 58.888, 59.364, 59.840, 1:00.317, 1:00.793, 1:02.221, 1:02.698, 1:03.174, 1:03.769 - Questionable jump placement, although I have a feeling that you were layering this to the vocals. So if that's the case, disregard this nitpick lmao.
1:00.079, 1:03.888, 1:05.079, 1:05.555, 1:06.031, 1:07.698 - This is a jump boi
1:10.079 - Questionable jump placement
1:15.793 & 1:16.031 - Personal nitpick again lmao, but I would've made this be a grace to emphasize the rhythm of the drums here, considering that it's kind of like a reverb once it was being hit. If you do that, male the 1 on the [13] jump be the 64th on 1:15.823 and the 2 on the [24] jump be the 64th on 1:16.061
1:47.380 - Sound isn't prominent enough to have the swing section start here. The prominence starts on the 8th that follows it.
2:01.269, 2:01.745 - Jump
?2:07.142, 2:07.936, 2:26.031, 2:26.507, 2:26.983, 2:27.459, 2:27.936, 2:28.412 - Questionable jump placement?
2:27.698 - Jump
?2:29.840, 2:30.317, 2:30.793, 2:31.388 - Questionable jump placement
2:31.507, 2:32.698, 2:33.174, 2:33.650, 2:35.317 - Jump
2:36.745, 2:37.698 - Questionable Jump Placements
2:43.412 & 2:43.650 - Same as what I mentioned on 1:15.793 & 1:16.031
2:44.761 - This could technically be a jump as well, but flow might be memey lmao
2:46.983, 2:47.459, 2:50.317, 2:50.793, 2:51.269 - Jump
2:47.221, 2:48.174, 2:50.079 - Single note
2:49.999, 2:50.475, 2:51.428 - Missing 24th
2:51.031 - Questionable hand???
2:51.983 - Ghost note
2:52.936 - Suggestion: Instead of making this a jump, have this be a 192nd single note, on 3. Makes more sense in a layering perspective than a simple 4th jump.
2:56.745 - Questionable Jump
3:04.364 - Jump
3:12.936 & 3:13.412 - Same suggestion as 2:52.936
*3:15.317, 3:15.793, 3:19.126, 3:20.555, 3:21.031, 3:22.459, 3:22.936, 3:22.412, 3:28.650, 3:29.126, essentially the solo itself for the outro - This is only if you're also planning on following the jump layering: These timestamps needs to be layered in as a jump. Considering you have it layered in on 3:16.269, 3:16.745, 3:17.221, 3:17.698, 3:18.650, 3:19.602, 3:20.079, 3:21.507, 3:21.983 and multiple other instances in this solo. If you're not following the drum layering and just following the guitar layering then these timestamps that I mentioned that has jumps in them have to be layered in as a single note or removed if the guitar isn't affection that particular section.
3:20.475 - Single note, the jump should be on the 4th that follows it, on 3:20.555, only if you're following the drum layering from the previous point that I mentioned.

Overall, this file is good, but the outro needs some clarification on where the jump layering is going to, and that needs to be fixed before it gets in.

Crimson Rider - storn42
Rating: 8.5*/10
*Sync: uuuuuhhhh, why is this file way off???? offset should be 0.092, timestamps will be used with this offset
Other Notes: Is this a global offset issue? Because my sync is showing that the offset should be 0.092 as opposed to 0.146; please clarify this with me, because with that offset being off, that issue needs to be fixed ASAP

54.455 & 54.546 - ghost 12th & 24th, this is just a 16th that goes on 54.501
58.319 - Single Note
58.546 & 58.637 - Same as 54.455 & 54.546, 16th goes on @ 58.592
1:02.910 & 1:03.001 - ^
1:21.978 - Single note
1:31.546 & 1:31.637 - Same as 54.455 & 54.546
3:27.228 - Missing 16th

This file is good, but wtf was that offset? It was like way off by like .054 seconds? Not sure if it's a global offset issue but if it isn't that's really my only major complaint here that needs to be fixed. Other than that, it's a really solid and excellent file~

Damned Night - M0nkeyz and Ositzxz369
Rating: 9/10
Sync: It's good~
Other Notes: Didn't find too many issues with the file that needed to be pointed out. The only thing I would say is fine comb through the file to adjust the flow just a tiny bit but other than that, this file is good to go mang~

Deadly Stealth - M0nkeyz
Rating: 8/10*
Sync: It good~
Other Notes: Newgrounds/10 song yo

*Intro - Honestly, I understand the layering schematics of the intro, but you have audible sounds that you're missing in here. For instance. going from 3.922 to 5.602, this is a straight 16ths run where that continuous bleep is prevalent in it. I could understand the omission if you're just layering the drum but you're clearly also layering in the bleep in it as well. This is also repeated from 7.762 to 9.442; I recommend going through this to check the layering once again.

15.442 - Honestly, I say this should be a quad for that emphasis yo
20.242, 22.162, 24.082, 26.002, 27.922, etc etc - This should be a hand to differentiate the emphasis on the force of the sound compared to the other sounds.
31.162 - Single note
31.282 - Jump
53.602 - Jump
+56.002 to 1:00.562 - ooooh, love those jack usage there

The rest of the file looks spot-on actually! The first haf needs a fine comb to check out the hand layering and the intro needs to have a look. It's important to have hands and jumps be prioritized to certain emphasis. Usually hands or quads can go well for stronger sounds when you have a simple, consistent rhyth, you can get away with giving layering emphasis without making the file too dumb and shitposty patterns lmao. But yeah, just go through the intro again, since the beeps are prevalent in the layering and then this should be good to go!

Hand Throw [Light] - DarkZtar
Rating: Pass
Sync: Sync is good tho
Other Notes: Hah, you funny. Passing this because lmao 200 bpm long jacks is a light chart. I also don't know if this will fall slightly under vibro or not due to lonjacking for over a measure, multiple times. Also, recommend changing the thing to Hand Throw Pt. 2 since this is the second half of the entire Hand Throw song. And, I could've sworn that there's numerous PR mistakes with the jacks (especially when there's one section that has all the emphasis going to 4 and you have it all on 1).

Jungle Groove - Psychotik
Other Notes: While the file is good, unfortunately the file is rejected because of Permissions issues. While we do have permissions from Rare, we can only use it on the stuff that are owned by Microsoft. So unfortunately no DKC OST or any of the Rare games owned by Nintendo. But, anything from after Microsoft bought Rare is a go (like the Banjo-Kazooie IP)!

While Sleeping (The Big Sleep) - Deamerai
Rating: 10/10
Sync: It good~
Other Notes: :eyes: :sweat_drop: This file is a yes to be put in <3

This file is *chef kiss* perfect. I got nothing else to say

europa - Jayden1234
Rating: 4/10
Sync: Offset should be 3.509, notes will use this offset
Other Notes:

4.687 - This should be on 4
5.009 to 5.223 - This should be a 32nd burst, especially when you have that burst emphasized on 6.616.
Addendum: This is also applied to 6.401 & 6.830 as well since the burst emphasis is continued on here in a roll-like fashion.
8.223 to 8.544 - PR is mirrored here. Should be 4343 then transition to the 1 on 8.651
9.509 - Should be on 1, since the following note on 9.616 follows the same sound as well.
*10.437 to 11.151 - Absolutely not. This is a huge misrhythm. This is just 16ths with 20ths, not offset 12ths (I'm considering it as such because this is practically in a 12th rhythm). The 8th is on the right spot but the whole thing starts on 10.366, and it's a light trilling rhythm.
11.223 - Jump
11.919 - Missing 32nd here
+11.973 to 12.080 - I am giving you credit for not going full meme with this though as this is a 64th burst
12.080 - Jump tho
12.509 to 12.723 - PR is reversed. This time it's 121.
27.401 - 16th here
28.151 - 8th here
29.223 - Jump here
29.651 - Jump
29.973 - Sound isn't too prevalent for the 16th here
32.437 & 32.651 - Jump here
34.151 - Jump
37.366 - Jump
37.580 - Missing 8th here
39.294 & 39.509 - Jumps

I'm stopping here because there's a lot of layering inconsistency here. Which sucks because I like the song and the file itself could've been great in all honesty. But with the PR errors in the intro plus the massive misrhythm early on in the file just sort of caused a domino effect to pile down more and more. This need a lot of work on emphasizing where the jumps need to go and where it needs to transition to make the file flow properly.

Pretty Girls With Mental Disorders - Kaho & Shadowgod
Rating: 9/10
Sync: It good~
Other Notes: Swedish Sharpnel/10

It was almooooooost flawless, but...
2:07.944 $ 2:08.544 - these two should be hands to continue with the emphasis of where you had the hands going to in this outro
2:19.644 to end - Same thing as what I mentioned above, should be hands to continue the emphasis on the snare sound.

Other than that, it's good~

Stray Toy's Adventure!! - goldstinger
Rating: 8.5/10
Sync: It good~
Other Notes: Cute, kawaii af song

56.983 to 1:02.451 - Nothing wrong with this, but cute spike :3
1:27.764 to 1:53.073 - Some of the transitions with the bursts look a bit fruity in here mate. The 64ths offset are a nice touchup though~ Just need to go through this, fix some of those loopy 32nds you have there since that's somewhat meme (talking about the burst, not the trills, the trills are fine). And aside from that, the rest of the file is actually p good yo

Tool-Assisted Speedcore (TQBF Frame Advance RMX) - goldstinger
Rating: 8*/10
Sync: It good
Other Notes: Goddammit Goldstinger, I should bap you with a book for these patterns but...I love you at the same time lmao.

+15.088 to 16.830 - sahjdfggfhkshgkjsdhg god fucking dammit Goldstinger this made me giggle a bit
28.352 - I know for a fact this 64th is HELLA early lmao. Shift it down to 28.413, it'll still give you the 64th emphasis on the "ted" part of the accentuation.
+38.484 to 46.979 - Okay, aside from me hating jumpstream and not being able to hit it normally, this section is p neat yo.
47.496 - This is early as heck yo. Might need to do some BPM stuff if you still want the 64th tho, otherwise, that's a straight 8th dog.
47.955 - same as the one above, but at least you can still shift it down to 47.993 to still have that effect.
+56.852 to 57.847 - GOLDSTINGER WHY, I love you, but WHY LMAO
+1:07.260 to 1:07.872 - mmmh, I love that 294 bpm trill, also, that 24th on 1:07.311 is gonna probably throw people off lmao.
1:12.311 to 1:12.464 - I'm sure the 24ths also goes in this section hmmmm
1:18.433 & 1:19.658 (and other instances) - Those hands they even go to anything?
1:31.750 to 1:32.362 - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (also, missing 4th on 1:32.362 :P)
*1:47.056 to 2:05.729 - Yo. Dawg. These aren't all jumps lmao. The 4th, I can see, but the 8ths? Those aren't jumps lmao. Also, the 24ths on that burst from 1:55.321 to 1:55.474, that's just a 16th lmao. Also, fuck you for those 48ths :V But yeah, this needs to be patched up before it gets in.
*2:05.729 to 2:06.648 - My main qualm is the 32ng bursts in 2:05.729 to 2:06.342, I am fairly sure that all the 32nds aren't warranted in that blip except for like the first four notes. The rest are probably 24ths, but there's no telling, but it's not all 32nds that's for sure. The second half, from 2:06.342 to 2:06.648, it's funny and silly to play on. But yeah, the first half of that section, needs fixin yo.
2:18.586 to 2:18.893 - gjkhsaghbsdkgsjiu NO WHY AAAAAAA, I approve tho :V
2:21.035 to 2:21.342 - JUMPTRILL THAT ROLL (not a comment against it, just a silly observation that I thought that I wanted to make :P)
2:23.178 to 2:23.790 - Did you do this just to trip up anyone that was going for a AAA run? :P
?2:48.739 to 3:07.413 - Any reason to as why you omitted the jumps on the 8ths that went to the drums? Just needing clarification because I can clearly hear the drums and you do have the hits layered as jumps on the 4ths but not the 8ths?
+3:12.398 to 3:31.224 - Okay, not gonna lie, this is the part I love the most about the file. It's *chef kiss*

This would've easily made it in for me if it wasn't for the two sections I denoted with a * for the CQ stuff. Despite how wonky some of the patterns are, I love this file through and through. And while most might've probably wanted a cut, stepping the full thing is justified in itself. Love ya GS mang. Just patch those two spots for me and it'll be easily in yo.
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