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Default Fellow gym rats

So hello fellow gym rats. I see that im, not the only half breed that plays video games all day and still enjoys to bang out some weight.

I was wondering how has your gym journey been so far. I myself have been going to the gym regularly with some small breaks in between for the past 4 years. I think the main reason i started, was cuz even as a child i was exposed to how the male body should look like. When I was around 10 when my dad showed me this guy called "kali muscle"

And this was at that time my idea of how should the male body look like. And I really wanted to go to this thing called a "gym" but dad wouldn't allow 10 year old me to go there. i had to be 14 he said.

did calisthenics until i was 14 and thats where my journey began lmao
now my ideal body leans more towards classic physique, people like "Chris bumsted" or "keone prodigy"

Throughout my journey at gym i would say i have made good progress
Here some before and now pics
This here was me right when i started 4 years ago
This is 2 years in the process
And this me at 18

Sometimes i to get sad over that i dont make fast enough progress, but then i just make my self remember that you have to look at the bigger picture and not just the daily changes

Whats ur story? and hows it been like?
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