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Default Re: TWG 30 - Objection!

A fitting death for Tass, not being able to talk anymore, what with the abundance of holes in the throat...

Anywho, we got a couple of different scenarios in place here:

1) Tass was a green. Whoopdy-doo. That leaves us with 3 wolves, at least 1 person on the prosecution, and 11 humans including any blues. This is the most likely one, obviously.

2) Tass was a called witness. No evidence for this one, but I did think about it: Before roles were sent out, I was thinking how I would play the Prosecutor role were I to have it. One of my ideas would be to call Tass, seeing as how he brought up the point of not being wolfed Night 1 very often, as well as being able to stay alive for a while in general. This most likely raised his chances to be called as a witness early on, as he otherwise probably would have survived long enough for the Prosecution to win pretty easily. Though very unlikely, I wouldn't throw this scenario out before some more discussion is done.

Basically, the wolves might've killed Tass to hinder the Prosecution, were he called as a witness Night 1 or in the future.

3) Tass was the seer and hit the 7% chance of seeing the Prosecutor. Very unlikely, but still possible. My major doubt is that unless Tass seer'd the Prosecutor the same night the wolves either attacked Tass or the Prosecutor, two deaths would've occurred (unless I missed something when nForcer described how it would work). That said, this scenario is so unlikely that discussion this early about it will probably prove useless.

What with the discussion of Tass being successfully wolfed Night 1 once before coming up earlier, I was also thinking of this kill mocking Tass for that fact (revenge kill, even?). The first person who came to my mind was Blah (due to 29's postgame fiasco), though I'd assume he'd be smarter than to be so obvious. Of course, he managed to win last game because of the same assumptions.

Unless anyone else has some more evidence, then these are probably our best leads for today.
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