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Default FA Players Expressive Color Codes & Expletive Sounds for SM5

Before you read on, I'm new to FFR forums and idk if obscenities are allowed. If they are just message me or reply and I'll change it all.

[spawncamping-wallhack only?? Because idk]

Unfortunately I'm an FA player, and like all FA players, anything less than flawless/excellent/marvelous is pure and utter shit. Well, I got bored and looked up color codes for timing judgments and fonts. Here you go:

Judge Font Colors-
Marvelous/Flawless/Fantastic: 'Platinum'; E5E4E2
Perfect/Excellent: 'Diamond blue'; 4EE2EC
Great: 'Leaf green'; 3A5F0B
Good/Decent & Almost/Boo/Bad: 'Shit brown'; 593001
Miss: 'Blood red'; 8A0707
N.G. (No Good, dropped hold): 'Shit brown'; 593001

Screen Evaluation Grade Colors-
Fail: 'Solid red'; FF0000
None: 'Gray'; 666666, or 'Gunsmoke gray'; 7D8484, or 'White'; FFFFFF
AAAA/100%: 'Platinum'; E5E4E2
AAA/~99%<: 'Diamond blue'; 0EBFE9
AA/~93%<: 'Khaki gold'; F0E68C
A/~80%<: 'Piss yellow'; DEAB15
B/~65%<: 'Light gray'; D3D3D3
C/~45%<: 'Dark gray'; A9A9A9
D/~45%>: 'Shit brown'; 593001
E/F Failed (if your version of Stepmania has it): 'Death black'; 191919

I also made some mine explosion sounds.
All expletive mine explosion soundbites preview(via soundcloud)

Ass Burger (Troy from Community)

To add an expletive soundbite, all you have to do is replace the mine explosion sound with whatever you chose from above, then rename it to Player mine.ogg-

For Windows 7/8/10 users:
C:\Games\StepMania 5\Themes\_fallback\Sounds
For older Windows OS users:
Sorry you're on your own

That's basically it, the result of boredom for me. This will most likely get buried in here, if a moderator puts this it in the, I'll add onto it.

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