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Default Re: TWG CLXXVII-The Resident Evil Game(mini version)

Originally Posted by star-crossed View Post
Yeah, from this I'm concerned that you are projecting a lot of your own thoughts on the game onto me so that you can paint me in a convenient way for you. It doesn't sound like you took into account the way I have discussed role info or the reads I have given into your #1 theory for how I could be a nontown, which is crazy to me.

Good night.
oh i think i get what he means, it just takes like 3 mental loops

if you defend olimar, it keeps him alive -> therefore, missing kills could be explained by either of you being gone, which is what he's currently suggesting happened

it's really a lot of conjecture though, because the same results could be produced via mechanics or stacked kills

think it's easier to start from "why would each faction want zoshi dead"
1. be olimar and notice he was pushing into you yesterday
2. be someone who voted xel and kill someone off the wagon, expecting the other guy to clean up the vigi, so you can hide better
3. not want him dead at all but instead hit a guy with a vest - seems less likely unless it's telegraphed by the current lynch attempt on curry. i know if i were in this position i'd try to find a way to lynch the guy i hit, so i can conserve shots

i don't think you strategically no-kill when there's nothing left in the setup to destroy you that doesn't also just kill you

at some point this turned into a post more toward curry lol
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