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Default Re: Recommend me some 2021 albums halp

Day 849: Worlds by Porter Robinson

Okay so this is another one where I was planning to review it way back in the day somewhat closer to when it was released or something, listened to it several times, then forgot to review it. Now I'm doing it because I have requests to listen to his new album and I probably was gonna do it anyways, but why not go back to this first and finally get this logged in?

And, yeah, it's mostly how I remember it. Back then I probably would've said "these songs are mostly too long and have the same vibe to them all, even though they're not BAD, and I bet I'd enjoy this a lot more if I was on MDMA or something."

Let's amend that.

These songs are mostly too long and have the same vibe to them all, even though they're not BAD, and I would 100% enjoy this more if I was on some sort of empathogen or really any substance. I don't dislike this stuff, I just don't need a whole hour of it while doing mundane tasks. The short interlude (I think it's supposed to be one?) is actually my favorite because it's the weirdest thing.

I also bet you had I done this back in 2014 or so I would've put way more effort in. I'm trying this time to add words because I want something of semi-substance... Nah that's redundant, I'm just spewing word vomit.

Corporate life sucks. But I'm seeing this guy live in October fuck yeah

Best Track: Natural Light
Rating: 6/10 (but if I was on drugs, a 9/10!)
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