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Default Re: [4Key/SUBS CLOSED] Project Alpha

Originally Posted by James May View Post
So, pack is almost ready for release and well, time to put up the list of files needing gfx :V

Cosmik Debris -
Egocidal Girl -
fastbeats -
Flimsy -*
Gay Dentists -
geeks' coup d'etat -
hearing loss from loud music -
イナバチャンナイトフィーバー ~ Kanon-Kanon - (Translates to Inaba Chan Night Fever ~ Kanon-Kanon)*
Loli Strikes Back -
Loli Strikes Back (J-CORE SLiCER Edit) -
reflective moment -
Sonic Speed Bath -
Spark Mandrill Theme -
The Black Page Drum Solo, Black Page #1 -
The Peak -
The Shadows -
VIPs (djX FLIP) -
Wooden Sword -

Stuff marked with * means that it's being handled
Just reposting this. Aside from Flimsy and Kanon-Kanon, the rest of the songs are free for the taking for any gfx stuff

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