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Default Re: Permissions List and Information v8

Originally Posted by hi19hi19 View Post
Seems like everything from the klassik-resampled song library is CC-BY-NC-ND ( and so this site might be a good place to look for recordings of classical music if IMSLP falls short.

The reconstructions are a little robotic, but might be a great source for stuff like concertos and symphonies that are very famous and recognizable but basically don't have public domain/non-copyright recordings simply because of their difficulty and scale.
Just a thought.

EDIT- as usual for this kind of embedded mp3 player, you can yoink the .mp3s straight from the player even for the ones that don't have a download link by viewing the source and appending the .mp3 link from the player directly to
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The consensus on creative commons licenses for FFR is that ND is generally a no-go. FFR could be considered building upon the work which ND explicitly denies. Version 1.0 appears to be okay, but that's a grey area. This website's copyright date is in 2009 and creative commons was at 3.0 by then.

Other licenses are okay.
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