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Default Re: 13th Official Tournament Predictions Thread

Originally Posted by mi40 View Post
i hate to be a debbie downer but how are d7 people supposed to compete against this?
if you're around that skill level you know how much of a big jump is required to get this kind of score on that song. just feels like somebody skillboosted insanely in the past few years but didn't play enough new games on FFR to be placed properly, that score is incomprehensible from my point of view like, wow that is an INSANE player who could probably duke it out in d8 (well deserved praise here, don't get me wrong lol)

but yeah walrusizer wins d7 1000% with this kind of sick wanderflux score, probably could top 8 d8 with that too

To preface this, it would definitely be completely fair to consider me D8 now, and I wouldn't have had any problem being placed D8 at the start of the tourney regardless. If I wasn't so rusty at the beginning I probably would've pushed for it myself. I started at a pretty similar overall skill and rust level as I did last OT, in which IIRC I barely made top 8 despite the difficulty range favoring me better than they are this year.

That said, I'm super imbalanced as a player, so I don't think winning D7 is anywhere near as clear-cut at some people seem to think. If the next two rounds are powerflux 2 and wanderflux 2, sure, but that doesn't seem likely. Multiple people beat me last round on vantablack, which doesn't even have anything that I should be exceptionally bad at. I also wouldn't be surprised at all to mindblock the first half of epsilon to the point of unplayability before improving my score much, if at all, considering I can already barely make it to the first stream with AAA and already feel mindblocks forming. Multiple D7 players still in the tournament have scores on more technical and/or jacky 100+ charts that I can't beat at all, and having charts like that for the last two rounds is nowhere near out of the range of possibility.

Also, I'm 99% sure I wouldn't have made it past round 1 in D8 with gengaozo, and I'm not sure if I could even get a passing score on it now. I actually don't think there's any D8 round where I would've been competitive, even though some of the later charts favor my skillset more.

TLDR: good at straightforward stuff, legendarily bad at jacks, pretty bad at tech, bad at consistency, and really good at forming mindblocks.
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