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Default Re: Can Can (Piano Version) [54 or 56]

I actually came here to make this thread and it already existed, wow.

It's been out for 8 years as a 54 and only has 193 AAAs. Lune Noir, a 63 from the same year, has been AAAd 239 times, for example, with half as many players attempting it. Prism is a 61 and has very similar stats to Can Can.

The patterns themselves start moderately, the 16th note step-into-jump jack being the first tricky part to time, but nothing too crazy yet. The next section is quite draining and offers a number of jump chains, each sharing a note with the jump before it. This culminates in a measure long anchor jack between (13) and (14), followed immediately by the jump chains. I could understand those jump chains and the anchor jack being a 54, but the ending cranks it up a notch with the 1-3-4-3 sixteenth notes, followed by 4,2,3,2, into a jump that transitions into a one handed trill, (really continued from the 1-3-4-3 pattern), then to other simpler trills. To test you one last time, it does the 16th step-into-jump jacks again in case your hands are tired from the last 700 notes.

My gut puts this chart between 57-60 for the reasons stated above.

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