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Default Re: TWG CLX If Emblem was a bad employee Game Thread

MML are you not able to use any logic? i'm honestly curious whether your reasoning skills stop shorter than an inch in front of your face

host says to be wary about sharing your character name
if abilities were tied to character names, that alone doesn't warrant the massive fucking warning. so hmmmm, what else could there possibly be? maybe other people are trying to find specific character names! that's 100% a possibility!

The additional fact that you're associating making a statement like that with being scum in a mystery game of all things is around cabbage tier. you're not at hakulyte, but you're quickly descending

so try actually thinking before i quit twg again, because literally people like you are the reason that i stopped playing twg, because you can't seem to string together proper thoughts to save your life

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Only yours, for an easy price of $19.99! You too can experience the wonders of full motion rump sticking.
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