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Default Re: A night of 400 AAA's, no more 5's or 6's, and fast food.

Originally Posted by krunkykai22 View Post
Wow, again with the "she lives with Krunky and he plays her songs." Lol

Personally, you can go ahead and ask her to play any damn song she has AAA'd or has played or whatever to see her SCORES on video. We have a video camera, so your moves mates.

Oh, and Virus, shut your mouth. Learn to grow a pair of balls bro. Don't talk shit behind people's back. That's some shit right there. Thank you Monica, for showing that nice picture.
Just chiming in here in response to this post -- saying that she can play any song she's AAA'd on video, and not posting a response fairly quickly to this will just raise even more questions. If she's gonna make a video (and if you're going to be so quick to defend her), she'd better do it quickly. A few things threw me off about her, like the fact that she was going around saying that she AAA'd L9 before you (which wasn't true, considering you got it almost 40 people before her); things like that just build suspicion.

If you do decide to do it, make sure that you can clearly she it's her, show her hands, make sure the keytaps are heard, and, because she's on a laptop, make sure that there's nothing plugged into the sides of the laptop that we can't see (like the USB plugin for a wireless keyboard), etc.

The more proof you have, the quicker the calls will silence themselves.

With that being said: if the proper proof is given -- congrats on 400 and all Synth files; never having to play an easy blue note file is an FFR luxury that few can have.
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