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Default Re: 12th Official tournament?

Originally Posted by kawaiifu View Post
its only been 3 years since the last one, give us some time to recover before you throw any more at us
I suppose I deserve that.

Anyway, Dossar reached out to me and pointed me to this thread.

Nothing has changed with regards to the OT. It's sat in limbo for the past (however long it's been, I legitimately don't remember).

I need to set time aside to go through the fixes once more and help transition things into starting this event again; once it's at the point where it can be managed and started, I'll transition out of any sort of staff role.

I doubt I'd be able to be of any use to the game anymore with my lack of interest in keyboard-oriented VSRGs anymore. I'd nudge myself over towards the development team since full-stack web development is what I'm doing full time now, but I'd likely just disappear and go inactive again (or just not be needed anyway).

In any case, things aren't going to happen right away because we're moving at the end of this month so things are hectic and the earliest that I imagine things get looked at again is April. Kayla (psychoangel691) has the say in how the tournament gets managed and where the content goes. I'm just here ensuring that there's some objectively good content, but at the end of the day where things go is entirely up to her.

To everyone who's been waiting: I'd like to personally apologize to you. This event is something that a lot of people have been waiting a long time for, and there are a number of contributors who have given up a ton of time and put in the effort to showcase their great content. I'll at least commit to getting back on the right track by getting the files out from the desktop that I've got onto my laptop.
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