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Default Re: 2015 November/December Set 1

Gradiant finished the primary judge task for November/December 2015 Set 1. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the November/December 2015 thread. This Batch Period is now complete, and this concludes the 2015 Regular Batches.

[9/10] Anima {Xi} (DarkZtar)
• Pretty relentless file, gets right to the point with no breaks
• 24.841: Not sure what this 32nd is to, not hearing any specific sound here
• 39.922: Cymbal crash here as well, should be hand with current layering
• 44.827: Both sets of 12th polyrhythms, the first third of each are different columns while rest are on same column though piano pitch pattern is the same so it’s a bit weird. More of a preference thing though
• 45.971: Could be 24ths here to piano flourish
• 51.203: Same as 45.971
• 65.059: Transition from left to right 32nds into right to left 24ths is pretty nasty
• 69.595: Same issue as 65.059 thought instead of rolls it’s a hand. Super quick right hand minitrill and forced jack on 3 because of it, though there was instances before this part where you’d make the last note in a jumptrill before a hand a single note so there was no forced minijacks. Same thing could be done here with this hand
• 96.407: Same as 69.595

[6.5/10] Glitchcraft {Orange Dust} (DarkZtar)
• On my playthroughs there’s several sections where I can’t tell what the jumps I’m playing to are going to, and I have to play it back on a slower rate. I can see what the individual jumps are going to when I’m just playing those little bits back, but as a whole, what you have jumps to switches around so much it’s not consistent at all, and it plays weird to me because of that
• 110.873: Ghost note
• 111.002: jump?
• 111.778 - 112.166: should also be jumps different from the (24) afterwards because of previous layering
• 119.278 - 119.537: Would be cool if this glitch was also stepped
• 126.778: Why no arrows to this glitch sound here? Same sounds as what you’ve been doing just before
• 129.020: Should just be a jump
• 158.071: These 16ths here drag to the vocal sample, should be colored and shifted up slightly
• Right around 161.563, the patterning gets super messy for the color burst sections. Which I suppose climax theory, but the player goes through almost 3 minutes of straightfoward timing with a couple glitch sections with nice patterning, then have to play with the mentality of either getting lucky hitting ending section or memorizing large amount of manipulation. Sections like 197.640 with 232bpm minijacks going into the staircase colored burst at this speed are extremely jarring to hit, listening to that part at a slower rate I’m pretty sure those notes are matching the song either. 172.813 also extremely awkward to hit at this speed.
• 195.183: Ghost note
• 210.129: Plays pretty awkwardly, along with the (14) trill on top of the notes on 2 and 3 for drums not matching the vocal sample
• 221.063: Also drifts off of the vocal samples in song
• Could’ve ended at 132.468 and it would’ve been a very solid file. With the last third, the colored bursts need to be cleaned up in patterning and resynced if it’s to be included.

[7.5/10] Chaotic WHITE {DM Ashura} (DarkZtar)
• 16.202: 8th jump here at the rest of the times it happens before 27.686, is odd as the sound here is bass percussion which you have as singles when they occur to offbeat 16ths
• 51.475: Missing note
• 67.530 - 97.530: Inconsistent jump usage. Jump at 108.350 but not at 108.702 even though same sound. Jump at 108.936 but not at 67.999 even though same sound. Both instances happen throughout this section; it’s consistently inconsistent though if that makes sense? But the percussion layering makes sense at 30.030, so I’m taking the intro and outro section layering as repeated mistakes

[8.5*/10] Starbound {Shnabubula} (DarkZtar)
• 0 - 13.952: Could be resynced to be same bpm as section afterwards (173.333 bpm) as the meter is the same, would help with the misrhythms at 4.567 and 10.106
• Could use a note inbetween 12th jumps at 37.721
• In the sections that have what I’d probably call the main theme (mainly 12ths, like the first third of file and right in the middle), it’s hard to tell what you’re layering jumps to:
⇒ Jump at 16.144 but not at 16.259
⇒ No jump at 18.683 but there’s one at 19.029
⇒ No jump at 47.413 but there’s one at 47.644
⇒ Jump at 2:14.644 but not 2:14.760
⇒ No jump at 2:50.300 but one at 2:50.531
These instances happen a bit in the longer 12th sections; not jarring enough to be noticed while playing, I only noticed because of slow going through it. These main theme sections should be gone through again looking for jump usage
• What is jump at 2:03.913 to?
• 2:13.490: No jumps in this 4-note 16th section, but jumps used in 16ths just before here
• 2:29.473: Could use an 8th here
• With you having hands for all cymbal crashes up to this point, not having them at 2:54.108, 2:45.339, 2:45.570, and 2:45.685 is off
• 3:09.454 - 3:10.839: No jumps to 12ths here but same percussion as 3:10.147
• 3:17.762: Sound here doesn’t warrant hand
• 3:24.685: Same sound as 3:20.531 but is a hand instead of a jump?
• 3:34.724: needs jump
• Suggest moving 3:35.300 and/or 3:35.531 to 1st column so it’s not so empty here
• 3:38.301: claps here and 12th afterward like later put as jumps but no jumps here
• 3:40.147: Same thing as 3:38.301
• 5:47.762: Was thinking about overall difficulty level of file and I’d put it a big high due to the 48th stream (comes up to ~262 bpm 16ths), but the 24th minijacks in this section are pretty spikey compared to rest of this area, recommend changing them to minitrills
• 6:01.493: Actually 12ths/24ths here rather than 8th/16ths
• 6:13.089: is 32nd here supposed to be at 6:13.204 instead?
• 6:14.301: Needs jump
• 6:16.147: Same
• 7:32.048: Section starting here should also be checked for jump usage like I’ve suggested for main theme 12th sections
• Hard to tell what 8:15.740 and 8:15.944 are to, sounds stepped around it are extremely more prominent
• 8:33.792: 12ths here actually start at 8:33.444
• 8:38.851: 48ths here actually instead of a 32nd
• 24ths at 8:5.804, 8:54.199, 8:55.246, and 8:59.781 would be cool
• 9:42.600: percussion 32nd minijack is to right here covered up by louder synth melody, could be continuous stream here instead of jack
• 9:43.124: 32nd minijacks here and until 9:44.824 are pretty jarring. With highest difficulty part of file in mind, I’d still suggest switching the 32nds to something like (3)(2)(134) which is less of a spike for difficulty compared to the 32nd jumpstream beforehand, up to you
• One-hand trills in section at 10:21.125 also spikey because of the speed and transitioning between those and the twohand trills, I’d recommend changing them but up to you
• 11:25.204: No percussion with the synth chord here like what happens later, could be jump rather than hand
• 12:10.575 - 12:16.538: Inconsistent switching between jumps/hands with these sounds
• Amazingly fun to play, song extremely catchy and even though it’s 13 minutes, there’s several sections that switch up the patterning to keep it very interesting to go through.
• The misrhythms pointed out in beginning really need to be fixed though, would help if bpm there was changed.
• Also recommend making the minijack changes in the the two sections (12th/24ths and the 32nds after 32nd jumpstream), but those are up to you. Same with the onehanded trills at 10:21.125.
• Also please go through sections mentioned when it comes to jump usage (7:32.048; 12th sections at first third, 6:32.301, and outro at 12:36.611), though these aren’t of as high importance as the misrhythms in intro
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