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Default Re: 2016 January/February Set 1

DarkZtar finished the primary judge task for January/February 2016 Set 1. The notes can be seen below; this thread is being moved over to Completed Sets and the results/notes will be updated in the January/February 2016 thread.

[7*/10] Blaze Heatnix {DualBlade} (hi19hi19)
-2.097 right off the bat my huge gripe with the chart is that you’ve kinda tunneled really hard on the mini-jack motif of the file, which itself is fine, but when you represent pretty much everything in the music as mini-jacks the file feels very unnecessarily monotonous. The percussion here (and throughout the file) I’m recommending you change to either trills or longer jacks (if you’re feeling really mean) since the 2 note mini-jacks for the percussion feel pretty arbitrary.
-6.967 ^same thing here, but to build off what I said earlier, changing the instances of percussion to trills or longer jacks helps distinguish the musical elements and overall would just make the file more interesting.
-12.532 ^ same thing, I think you get the idea
-14.967 god it’s even more apparent here, please please change this to a trill.
-27.923 again I’ll suggest reserving the mini-jacks for the rhythm guitar, cause overall it’s a really cool concept, but it’s a bit overused.
-29.315 ^ same thing
-34.358 the fact that you made the other transitions work without forcing a mini-jack makes this mini-jack stick out like a sore thumb. Try to change up this transition to get rid of the jack (dunno how much editing you’d have to do further down to make it work, might be better to change from this point up)
-41.749 dropping the acknowledgement of the rhythm guitar in favor of highlighting the strings is interesting but with the rhythm guitar here being so prominent this part feels pretty weird/bare.
-44.184 double check some of the hand usage in this section, feels like some instances of the hands to the guitar chords without the cymbal crashes are unnecessary.
-63.663 ugh stuff like [34]4[23]3 is so annoying to hit at this speed but you honestly did well for the most part with patterning considering the density here.
-66.445 so you have a hand here to the guitar chord + percussion, I’ll go ahead and tell you that that the hand at 67.837 should be a quad considering its guitar chord + percussion + cymbal crash. It’ll look great visually and it makes a ton of sense with the buildup in the file
-70.619 ^same thing, make this a quad
-73.402 same comment as 14.967
-I will say that overall I really like the file, it’s new, brave, and bound to piss off just about everyone that doesn’t have jacking as their strong suit. The mini-jack motif is super cool, but I do feel it’s a tad bit overdone. Change up the percussion representation, fix up that weird transition with the mini-jack in the js section, and add in those quads and this will be sick.

[9/10] For Alexandria {LEAF XCEED Music Division} (hi19hi19)
-60.386 imo should have kept up the layering even through this section
-wow, I don’t really have any other suggestions for this outside of extreme nitpicking which I won’t get into. Excellent job.

[9.5/10] Heterochromia Iridis v2 {FOLiACETATE} (hi19hi19)
-2.990 I think keeping the drumrolls going in one direction would feel better to play
-43.885 feel like layering the melody here would have spiced this section up a bit, up to you if you though.
-104.55 disappointing that you omitted the 16ths to the piano but I can understand you trying to keep the colorful clusterfucks to a minimum
-121.909 could have kept the downward motion for the drum bursts like I mentioned for the intro.
-Fantastic job overall though, love the file.

[5/10] Putin's Boner {Helblinde} (hi19hi19)
-27.362 no reason for the background hi-hats to be omitted here
-27.737 ^ same thing
-30.512 should reduce the jumps here where the melody doesn’t play to singles.
-36.962 same thing as 27.362
-37.332 same thing as 27.737
-40.112 same thing as 30.512
-40.612 missing 4th
-59.612 jumps to the vocals + synth
-61.112 missing jump
-108.212 missing jump
-108.962 missing jump
-125.162 the times you choose to drop the hi-hats just feel really random, they really should be represented until the music changes significantly.
-lot of the hand usage in the vocal sections feels like an unnecessary attempt to boost density when the song doesn’t have much to offer (choir vocals + drum + melody honestly doesn’t sound like it warrants hands at all)
-197.612 section here doesn’t have the layering to vocals like the previous sections did
-at almost 4 mins in length with a song that consists of largely 16th triplets and strings of 8ths, I can see the hand usage as sort of desperate attempt to keep the file interesting, but honestly more than anything this song needs a significant cut. Representation of the high-hats and vocal stops at random times and a lot of the hand usage feels extraneous.

[9/10] ZOOQUU {cybermiso} (hi19hi19)
-19.648 the smooth grinding sounds after this quad appear in several other instances in the file and kind of feel like they should be acknowledged.
-super disappointing that you decided against layering the jack sections.
-overall though this chart is sick
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oh boy, it's STIFF, I'll stretch before I sit down at the computer so not I'm not as STIFF next time I step a file

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