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Default Re: How Many Videos Do YOU Have in Your Watch Later List on Youtube?

Originally Posted by drizzleRomanceGirl View Post
wow, i didnít even know you could have that many tabs open at once without your device crashing
On Firefox, the tabs aren't all simultaneously loaded, whenever you re-open the browser they only load if you click on them.
In fact, I have to force some restarts when too many (depends on contents but usually from 50~100) are actually open and cap my available memory.

Originally Posted by SubaruPoptart View Post
I really wanna know what that would look like going onto the browser. Cuz I always thought there was a limit to how many tabs you can have; I didn't know you could even get more than 100 without it stopping you
It looks like this (by default it goes to the latest tabs on the rightmost part of the tabs list whenever you open the browser or a new tab).

The screenshot also exemplifies how it ends up happening in terms of content

You can either scroll through the list or, if you type an address that matches an existing tab, it shows up in suggestions which sends you to the existing tab.
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