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Default Re: March 2021: 31 days game review challenge

March 22nd

Today's challenge is: Favorite ACTIVE Franchise.

Alright, I'm starting this one late so I don't have a lot of time. Let's hurry up!

I went back and forth with this theme, and it was another problematic one since I had to add rules to avoid lying. Those rules are as follows: Even though I'm picking an active franchise, I have to consider every game in the series, including spinoffs, and if there is a sub par title in said franchise, I can't use it. That's because otherwise, I'd have to pick a game from a franchise I've already used or planned to use in this challenge, which was bound to happen since I'm mostly using titles I really, REALLY like. I had initially narrowed it down to Gal*Gun, which isn't all that great, but everygame is solid and pretty much the king of its near extinct genre in the modern era. But then, something happened this week, and I thought of something much, much better.

That franchise is the Aleste franchise, which I wasn't really considering because the last Aleste game was in the early 90s... Until Christmas of 2020, that is! Just a few months ago, Aleste collection was released on PS4. It features all of the Game Gear and Master System Aleste games, with a brand new Game Gear title made for the occasion, known as Aleste 3. On top of that, a new, modern era game is currently in development, codenamed Aleste Breach (sure, Compile no longer manages the franchise, but M2 is, so close enough). And since Aleste kicks way more ass than Gal*Gun ever did, it was a very satisfying epiphany.

While I used the collection for today's challenge, I'll mostly focus on Power Strike II, and I'll include a story about another title, which is the one that made me think of this franchise. But first, let's say what I have to say about Aleste Collection. I received my copy last week, and I haven't played it yet. However, I'm really disappointed that they only included the 8-bits games, and not the other 3, which are MUSHA, Space Megaforce and Robo Aleste. Also, I almost gave in and let myself buy the 400$ collector's edition, which came with a mini Game Gear that could play the new one they made. But I only got the regular one for one fourth of this figure. Oh well.

Anyway, about Power Strike II... Well, it's about as amazing an 8-bits shmup as you can get. In my book, nothing even comes CLOSE to packing as much of a punch as this one does. It has the best graphics, fantastic controls and weapon systems, a mindblowing and over the top soundtrack (might be the very best soundtrack on the Master System period). I had a copy made-to-order just for myself from some guy on the internets, and I carry it everywhere I go where I can introduce it to people. The only things I'd do different with this one is that I'd rather play as Ellinor instead of this pothunter mercenary asshole, which is a very minor complaint, and I'd make the game sliiiightly less unforgiving when you take a hit. You lose half of your power ups, and you're better off resetting the game if it happens even once. I've only beaten it once, and otherwise, I get a game over on stage 4 or 5 if I get hit a single time before then.

That was a tiny review, but like I said, I'm short on time. I'll be sure to add a bunch of Gifs, however. Now, about the other game... Well, that game is MUSHA, a crazy expensive Aleste title on the Genesis (though, to be faire, almost all the Aleste games are well into triple digit figures, even for loose carts, with the possible exceptions of the first Aleste on Game Gear and the first Power Strike, but for both of them, you still have to be lucky to find them under 100$.

Some of you may know about Felix selling his video game collection. Recently, he approached me and asked me if I was interested in buying Musha for 100$. I was like “lolwat”, then he said he would do 50$, but no lower (apparently it was a typo, but he still rolled with what happened next). I said “lol sold” and sent him 60$, then he actually sent me his game for a joke of a price. And now I own it.

Upon receiving the game, I inspected it and noticed a star was scribbled in a small hole visible from the inside of the game's case. I looked at the reverse side of the cover art and found a gigantic, heartwarming message addressed to me (though I initially thought it might have been there since before Felix aquired it). Normally, people would be outraged that such a valuable collectible would have been done like this, but I thought it was the most amazing thing of all, and actually ended up reversing the whole cover so that his message would be showing on the front.

Felix, thank you so much for this, it feels as though our nerdy bromance has reached unspeakable levels. I love you man, and I will take care of and cherish this lil' kid of yours that I adopted as though it was of my own blood.

Aleste 1 and 2 are out on Game Gear. Power Strike and Power Strike II are out on the glorious Master System. MUSHA is exclusive to the Genesis. Space Megaforce is the sole Nintendo Aleste title, and is available on the SNES. Robo Aleste is exclusive to the SEGA CD, and the Aleste collection is available on PS4 and Switch.


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