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Default Re: March 2021: 31 days game review challenge

Originally Posted by ElectricZap9 View Post
I'm pretty sure HAL reused the "fly inside to get to ze core" part from this for the later parts of 'Help & Kill Marx' in 'Kirby Games that don't Deserve Individual Releases', maybe the atmosphere too for the whole series, but it's "sugar-coated" in an attempt to possibly, just maybe make the game seem more "innocent" on a superficial level.
That's a hell of a take for very different games, not sure if I can see any of it

Originally Posted by flashflash account View Post
people who say that haven't actually played Zelda 1

but if you would rather play the CDi games over wind waker I'm very concerned that you may have gotten a bootleg copy or something
I can confirm that everyone I know who says that has played Zelda 1, but honestly I think it's a little far fetched. You can counter each argument fairly simply, like the free roaming and little to no guidance, or so I feel.

And no. Obviously WW is a higher quality game, but it falls in the boring territory. Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon are hilarious and honestly both in the top 5 on the console unironically. They're not solid or anything, but with the proper setup, they're quite unique and interesting, and the painted backgrounds are beautiful, even if they are a bit confusing. They're also rare and some of my most expensive games too, so the collector's pride does factor in.

Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
how the fuck is the character the last fortress that doesn't make any sense at all
That's what I thought when I read that, but upon further examination, I do think that's complete BS. The wikipedia paragraph on the topic doesn't have any references, and I can't find one on my own.

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something something nate lever
Originally Posted by Dark Humor, pls keep away if easily triggered
I don't fucking know there is apparently more genders in 2019 than there are concentration camp victims
Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post

Det är okej om djuret är större än du.

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