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Default Re: Rhythm Games, A Long-running Niche: A video essay?

main reason is probably that people "don't know if they're allowed to do that" with songs lol... maybe there is something sacredness-breaking about game logic doing weird things with music... usually the "interaction" people have with music is a very subjective or meditative thing. or it involves dancing to a single, repeating pulse. so if u have to remember what things are "duplets" or "triplets" and so on with the music it kind of cuts the thing apart into larger and larger numbers, instead of being a single piece of cloth with the listener (lol

probably this is why it is popular amongst the people it is popular with too. "weird piano/chiptune music theory liking horny deviant meme pogchamp mashup gamer nerds" is basically all the molestations of purity that a person can get away with without offending a church or the law... lol. ofc there's an even greater unity with the thing after that, if u can see how it all fits together in a single cloth again... but that just make rhythm games have a sort of "esoteric" or "occult" feeling to it, im not sure there is a way around that

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