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Default Re: Recommend me a good coding laptop

Originally Posted by Reincarnate View Post
Yeah, it'd be the desktop at home while I'm out and about (mainly if I want to be able to look through my webcam remotely or something without needing to broadcast it live on the net)
That would work as far as seeing it, it will be slightly low quality/slow refresh due to how RDP works. If you have decent upload it will be better. How is your upload? If the webcam is the only thing you would be doing via RDP there are many different secure options available. However, having the RDP available gives you FULL access to that and the desktops power/bandwidth. I tend to access mine for setting playlists, in house cameras, small remote transfers, and large download ques when I am away.

As a gamer, there is nothing better than having all your patches done, via the RDP, before getting home.

As far as security goes, we would want to change your default 3389 to something else incase your 3389 gets hit by random sniffer. A strong password will prevent entry but still the port will be hit a million times if you do not have a strong firewall. Easy solution is to change the RDP port to 3390 (lol or some random 58394 shit)

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