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Angry Arrows are missing for nothing [ help! ]


im very pissed off because when im playing a song .. theres some arrows i press perfectly and they just dont get it. then i get a missed.. its doing this on every song.. like im playing.. having a 500 combos.. need to get 10 more arrows to finish the song and.. PAFF an arrow missed for absolutly nothing.. i pressed it perfectly but my computer just dont want to get THIS ONE ..JUST TO PISS ME OFF ..

i tryed to change de resolution of screen.. it helped but .. still got this problem for like 2-3 arrows by song.. once it does it 1 time.. it dont happend for rest of the song.. after this i tryed to click on resolution button.. the '' Q '' one to put it at low resolution.. still doing this.

If someone know WHY .. would be appreciate to get help cuz now i want to FC songs.. and i cant even FC easy one.. -.- i was playing on my old computer for 3 year and a half.. didnt get this probleme now since i got this ****ing laptop GAY .. arghh well, thx for helping
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