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Default Re: FFR Caste/Tier List Part 1

Originally Posted by XelNya View Post
Wait he was rude to you, you can’t react that way.

You’re like, supposed to be bothered. Or something.

TL;DR: i'm really not bothered by what choof thinks about the thread or anyone else for that matter

why would i be bothered if someone didnt like my threads

this thread doesn't break a rule, so i couldn't be bothered less about how people think about it

if you wanna rant about how it's way off go ahead

if you want to say that "this thread sucks" go ahead

if you want to give your opinions on how the tier list should be go ahead

if you want to just ignore this completely and pretend it never exists go ahead, not your obligation to reply let alone view this thread

why should i be bothered about one person's reaction to this thread when there's over 900 more (according to the thread views)

they may not be written but they're still there (yes giving your own mental thought & ignoring this are also reactions too)

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