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Default Re: TWG CLXXX - OuO what's this? [Game Thread]

So I know posting like this gave DBP a weird vibe, but honestly I was able to gather a correct read of DBP through this method, so I'll keep going. (also i'm tryna put in effort because i feel bad. i voted (and kinda feel responsible) for both mislynches.)

Conclusion: Blind seems pretty townie. He's hunting and prodding people, and his reads are not reiterations of what others have said in the thread. When I first started reading, his excuses for not being present and his first catch-up post

Originally Posted by blindreper1179 View Post
Finally caught up. I've got nothing leaning wise. It's all been shit posting mostly. Quite annoying actually.

the xiz/wv thing was weird
sun is acting weird
dbp not calling out being a detective is bad

yup. Good night.
and his first D2 post

Originally Posted by blindreper1179 View Post
So, i was at a wedding last night and forgot about the game. Im glad i didn't die in the night or else i'd of been mad reading like 40 pages.

Gradiant dying was unexpected, but tbf, he never rebuttled dbp. Seems odd why he never did.

Sytho dying seems like pr hunting.
gave me some bad vibes since it looked like textbook wolf UTR tactics.

Originally Posted by blindreper1179 View Post
Even though gradiant was vanilla, i feel we should lynch in his pool, and by that i mean the people who voted for him and the people he said we should look into.
tbh nai

Originally Posted by blindreper1179 View Post
Im agreeing with you on dbp. Although his push towards gradiant had a good theory, i think he put too much into it.
Fg just says she's wolf, ok bye no matter what. And everything she's said is blah.
InD and yourself know what and when to say it, so i'd have to iso you guys for a more confident answer. But right now i'd go wolf, but i don't necessarily see you guys on the same team. Killing one gives the other imo.
I think a post like this is pretty organic and comes from a good perspective.

Originally Posted by blindreper1179 View Post
I understand you're not sure whether to place people here or there. But the iteration of it in the thread seems like drilling. I don't like it.
Unique read. Shows that he's hunting.

Originally Posted by blindreper1179 View Post
Cluttering the thread. Remaking a point we already get. Not developing. Provides a false presence.

Originally Posted by blindreper1179 View Post
Precarious wolf, you heard it here first.

Oh wait i called him wolfy way before this.
This reminded me of what he said about FFA in the FE game. I guess it's not really alignment indicative per se. Honestly I don't know what Blind's meta is, haha.

It doesn't help that blind has relatively fewer posts. This is coming from someone who barely posted any content this game, though.
Originally Posted by MixMasterLar View Post
is funny eaman?
Can you like not use those stupid names right now? Took me long enough to get these screen names straight in my head
Originally Posted by the sun fan View Post
(eaman is her name irl, friend)

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